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Transforming Spaces: Amsterdam Renovation and Remodeling Journey

Welcome to the photo gallery of one of the most complicated renovations we have had the pleasure of carrying out in recent years . As you can see from the photos, this building has undergone a thorough transformation. In some photos you can see holes in the floor of the attic, revealing what is happening on the lower floor. The load-bearing walls were in a deplorable condition in many places, but they have been duly reinforced, preserved, insulated and given a completely new look. We cut out space for new windows in the attic ceiling, which is also clearly visible in the photos. The amount of materials used, the working time, the commitment of our entire team for the renovation of this beautiful building in the center of Amsterdam has already had the expected effect. A very educational book could be written about the thorough renovation of this building. The entire project is not yet completed. All custom designed furniture is already in place. However, we still need to build new sturdy stairs that the residents of this building will use for hundreds of years to come. Are you facing a thorough renovation and are you looking for experienced employees in this area? Tommy's Service is the best choice for you. Check out the progress of the work as seen in the photos of the project described above and contact us, and we will transform your living space into a new, clean and modern interior. Kind regards, The Tommy's Service team.

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